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hi homie. on We Heart It.

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If anyone that follows me still plays Dark Souls 1, leave red invasion signs in The Undead Burg pleaseee

Anonymous asked: I miss you bby

I’m sure if i knew who this was i would miss you tooo


So has this been pointed out yet?




The lyrium idol


Close up of lyrium idol female figure


EDIT: And not only that, but Bartrand talks about the idol SINGING. What did Andraste do a lot of? Singing.

Also, how do the Arch Demons control the dark spawn? They SING. I honestly believe Flemeth is Andraste. And carries the soul of one of the “dead” Arch Demons. 

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The Den (2013)

Anonymous asked: Hi you're super attractive can we be friends

Ofcourse we can :P 
Just message me off of Anon haha

Here’s a selfie for you guys. Enjoy.

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Anonymous asked: This blog is disturbingly beautiful but i cant follow you because my girlfriend would not appreciate this one bit, sorry.

Follow or not, i appreciate that you enjoy the blog, thank you :D

Anonymous asked: leg pic?

How many times do i have to say no to this before you understand? haha